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Ramoji Film City 

ramoji film city

The ramoji flim  land where created is nearly 30 km aways from the city of hyderabd in rangareddy district and the ramoji film city is covered with the thick tress and mountains and thier is no tress and mountains will be damaged.The 2000 acres of land is turned into the magnificent magical world of wondress for the construction of entire fiml city took yearly to complete and a big figure of 100,00, 00,000[100 crores] was spend for film production set.The vice president of the flim city Ramoji Rao garu always had to dream provide one stop facility for a movie maker entering the studio with the script must leave the studio with film done also be made that comes to true housing the film city.It will be having 47 sounds stages 50 studio floors and 12 power substations and also it has get the awards like “guinness”world of records for the largest film studio inthe world,and also Gold pony award for excellent and innovation.places to hangout near me.

The ramoji film city is the best place to host thematic event and also you acn organic event with different thems.In the ramoji film city can places to hangout near me ust be the venue of the your dream wedding and also all the different facilities in the ramoji film city incline to this facts.The ramoji film city is a popular attraction for travelers who checking in at the hotel in hyderabd and also from permanemt set and live shows to bird parks,adventure resturant and hotels the attraction with in the city will taken you on a dreaming celluloid journey and also he wanted the city to be something similar to the onces in hollywood,in scale as well as facilities.

The ramoji film city was opened shortly in the yearly 1996.Today the ramoji film city is a self suffiecnt film studio with all the facilities requried for end to end film production and also it is the serves one of the top tourist attraction and picnic sports hyderabd.In addition to these sets it boasts of the capacity to accommodates around 50 films unit at any given time,with both pre and past production facilities and also has several on hire venues dedicated to co operate meeting and weeding.

Nearest Resturant 

Teir are so many resturant near to the ramoji film city they are chanakya resturanrt,dil se resturant ,sagam resturant and also these are the famous resturant,having good quailty food and having goog taste near to the ramoji film city.


Ramoji flm city visit hours of a day are between 9:30 am to 5: 30 pm u can visit any time for the ramoji film city on that time and also the ramoji film city will be open all days.

Birla Mandir



Birla mandir in hyderabad is dedicated to lord venkateshwar of tirumala tirupati temple.It is said that a whopping quailty of white marble.It is the weight of 2000 tonnes,these was brought from the rajasthan for building this temple.It is located on the top of the hill of 280 feet and it is also know as the naubbat pahad.Birla mandir temple is one of the top 10 tourist places to visit in hyderbad and also there was an various birla mandir temple which have been built all over the india.It have been constructed by the industrialists birlas.The idol of the main diety,lord venkateshwara is a replica of balaji of tirupati and also statue has been curved out of granite stone.places to hangout near me.

Story Of Birla Mandir  

Birla mandir is a popular hindu temple in hyderbad and it was built on a 280 feets high.It is having 13-acre of land.The birla mandir was constructed with nearly 2000 tonnes of white marblesnear .The temple was constructed by the swami ranganathananda of ramakrishna mission in the year 1976.It is the temple was constructed by birla mandir foundation,which has also constructed several similar temples across india.The birla mandir temple was main feets a bend of pravidian rajasthan and utkala architecuture.The birla mandir temple was does not have traditional bells,and also the swami ranganathananda wished that the temple atmosphere shoulds be conducive for meditation.

near tourist places in hyderabad

The temple is dedicated to the lord vishnu and it present in the form of sri venkateswara.In the evening the birla mandir present a spectacular sidht upon iliumination and also a trip to the hyuderabad is places to hangout near me considered incomplete without birla mandir by tourist for the last three decades.The idol of the most supernatural being,lord venkateshwara may be a duplicate of balaji of tiropati.There was also are shines of different hindus deities like padmavati and andal.A temple of buddha is additionally situated with in the temple complicated.

The read of the town from the temple is value all the effort and also it overlooks the water of hussain sagar lake and provides a posistion of the dual cicties of hyderbad and secundrabad.It is the most peace full place when compare to the other places.places to hangout near me.

Transport faciliities

Birla temple can easily acces from the city of hyderbad and it is only about 1 km from the hyderbad railway station,6 km from the hyderbad bus terminal and 7 km from the begumpet airport.They are so many bus to travel for the birla mandir.The transport facilities are very neat to the templeand also you can travel to the other tourist places of hyderbad.

Scheduling Of Birla Mandir

Birla madir visit hours of a day are between 9:30 am to 9:00 pm u can visit any time for the temple.In sunday also the temple will be open all days are opening the birla mandir temple.

Nearest Resaturant 

Their are so many resturant near to the birla mandir they are sukha sagar pure vegetraion,hotel kamat,new green bawaarchi,hotel surya,astoria resturant thes are the famous resturant near to the birla mandir and also it has very good quailty and having very good taste.

About Charminar


Charminar is the most famous building of the hyderabad.It is also the most famous building state and india and charminar is most famous because of it’s architecture which make it one of the most recognisied structure in india.The charminar colour is in the brown-wish yellow hue.Charminar which means four pillars was built as a monument and square structure the each of the pillar the each side of the pillar consists of 20 meters.The few things are more in the hyderabad than charminar and also charminar is located in the heart of the hyderabad.The charminar was construct across more than 400 years and it is also strong present when compare to other.Now a days the charminar colouring newly for more construction.near tourist places in hyderabad.

Story Of Charminar  


As we suggested by its name charminar does have four pillars one of each side.This impressive structure stand calmly amil the bustle of laad bazaar of the old city and it is maintained by the archeological survey of india,charminar is represented of the historical background of the city.It is glamour glory and cultural richness.Since it is constucted in 1951 by the mohammed quil qutub shah of shah dynasty charminar has been capacity every visitor with it’s architectural beauty as well as religous and historical.The construction of the new city was started with the charminar.Also there are several theories as to why the places to hangout near me charminar was built.Charminar was constructed at the intersection of historical trade route and it is connected to the city of international market.In olden days the old city of hyderabad was designed with charminar as its centrepiece.The charminar constructed was ended in the year 1592 was estabilshed by Masud Hassian Khan.Actually the charminar was started in the year 1589.In the year 1591 Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah the rule of theb Qutub Shahi dynasty.The height of the charminar is appromately 48.7 meters high amd also the estimated that the total weight of this monument is 14000 tons.Charminar is one of the greatest moment in inida that has the beautiful history.It is built by the granite and lime motoar.By the visitor can enjoy a short climb of the 149 to get their,the mosque is located on the top floor.The charminar is located at the centre of the old city and it is 426 years old.Not just charminar minarets unlike the taj mahai are attached to the superstructure.On the other hand refer to a narration by a french travellimg from the 17 century to the commemorcution of the beginning of islams second millenmium years 1000 ah as the reason for the construction of charminar.places to hangout near me.

Schduling Of Charminar  

Charminar visit hour of a day are between 9:30 am  to 5:30 pm

Transport facilites

Charminar is nearest to the metro station presenyly ther is no metro station forn the charminar nearest place.As soon as the green line metro will be roll outa roof of connecting the charminar and also other parts of the city.

Nearest busstop to the charminar 

The charminar bus stop is nearest to the makkah masjid on the road if the charminar road in the panch mohalla.It is the near bus stop to charminar and it is having about 800 meters away,and the timr to reache the charminar is approxmately 10 to 12 miniutes walk to reache the place.So many plenty of andhra pradesh state bus are travelling along the side of the charminar.

Nearest railway stations 

The nearest railway station to charminar is nampally railway station it is also know as the hyderabad decan railway station.It is about 4 km os the closest railway station to the charminar,and also trains running from the hyderabad decan or nampally to lingampally.It is great way to around to other places in the city.near tourist places in hyderabad.

ResturaNearest nt Charminar

A few resturant near to the charminar are mina grand,hotel rajadhani,hotel haveli,tara international.This are the most popular resturtant ansd also it has very good quality,having good taste.


Hyderabad is famous for it’s charming minarets charminar.It is the best way relif mind with a happy face.the econmy of the nation gets boosted as is genratws revenue.More over local people find work and jobs related to the old historical building.By visiting the tourist places we can know the history of the tourist place.places to hangout near me.

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Golconda Fort


Since of the region of jewelry mines, significantly Kollur Mine,Golconda prospered as a trade middle of giant jewels, called the Golconda Precious stones and additionally the scene has created some of the world’s most celebrated precious stones,counting the colourless Koh-i-Noor(presently possessed by the Joined along Kingdom),the blue Trust (Joined along States),the pink Daria-i-Noor,the white Official,the city inexperienced and also the colourless Orlov Nizam and Jacob(India),as well because the presently misplaced precious stones metropolis Yellow, Akbar monarch and Extraordinary big gun and additionally it absolutely was initially known as Shepherd’s Slope (Golla Konda in Telugu).Agreeing to legend, a shepherd boy came visiting associate degree icon on this rough slope. the knowledge was passed on to the administering Kakatiya lord,who developed a mud post around this sacred spot.After two hundred a protracted time,Bahamani rulers took possession of the fortification. below the Bahmani country, Golconda step by step rose to clear quality. ruler Quli Qutb-ul-Mulk (r. 1487–1543),sent by the Bahmanids as a legislator at Golconda,and additionally designed up the town because the situate of his government around 1501. Bahmani run the show slowly debilitated amid this era, and ruler Quli formally have to be compelled to be free in 1538, increase the Qutb Shahi tradition primarily based in Golconda.Over a amount of sixty two a protracted time, the mud post was extended by the first 3 Qutb Shahi sultans into the show structure, a big fort of rock amplifying around five kilometer (3.1 mi) in circumferential and additionally it remained the capital of the Qutb Shahi tradition till one590 once the capital was enraptured to Hyderabad.The Qutb Shahis extended the post, whose seven kilometer (4.3 mi) external divider incased the town and additionally Amid the first seventeenth century a solid cotton-weaving trade existed in Golconda. Expansive amounts of cotton were created for residential and sends out utilization.Tall quality plain or designed textile manufactured from material and calico was delivered. Plain textile was accessible as white or brown color,in colored or coloured assortment. Sends out of this textile was to Persia and European nations. Designed textile was manufactured from prints that were created indigenously with indigo for blue, chay-root for ruddy colored prints and vegetable yellow. Designed textile sends out were primarily to Java,Sumatra and alternative japanese nations.

krishna kanth park

krishna knath park

Krishan Kant (28 February 1927 – 27 July 2002) was an Indian Lawmaker who served as the tenth bad habit president of India from 1997 until his passing. Formely, he was the senator of Andhra Pradesh from 1990 to 1997. He was a part of Lok Sabha from Chandigarh (1977-1980), and Part of Rajya Sabha from Haryana (1966-1972, 1972-1977).Kant was born on 28 February 1927 in Kot Mohammad Khan a town of Amritsar area within the Punjab Area of British India. His guardians were freedom activists Lala Achint Smash and Satyavati Devi.Kant completed his MSc (Innovation) from the Banaras Hindu College. He worked as a researcher with the Board of Logical and Mechanical Investigate,Unused Delhi and also the child of famous Congress lawmaker and afterward parliamentarian, Lala Achint Smash, Kant’s to begin with brush with legislative issues came when he dove into the Stopped India development, whereas he was still a understudy in Lahore. He took portion within the Indian Autonomy Development as a youth and kept on be included in legislative issues, in the long run being chosen to Parliament of India. He was portion of the “Youthful Turk” brigade of Indian National Congress party amid the time of Indira Gandhi.He held vital official positions within the parliamentary and organisational wings of the Indian National Congress, the Janata Party and the Janata Dal. For numerous a long time,he was a part of the Official Chamber of the Established for Protection Ponders and Examinations.Krishan Kant was the establishing common secretary of the Individuals’s Union for Gracious Freedoms and Law based Rights, of which Jayprakash Narayan was the President in 1976.He was ousted from the Indian National Congress in 1975 for his restriction to the Emergency and also he was afterward a part of Lok Sabha till 1980.He was the chairman of Committee on Railroad Reservations and Bookings from 1972 to 1977.