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Charminar is the most famous building of the hyderabad.It is also the most famous building state and india and charminar is most famous because of it’s architecture which make it one of the most recognisied structure in india.The charminar colour is in the brown-wish yellow hue.Charminar which means four pillars was built as a monument and square structure the each of the pillar the each side of the pillar consists of 20 meters.The few things are more in the hyderabad than charminar and also charminar is located in the heart of the hyderabad.The charminar was construct across more than 400 years and it is also strong present when compare to other.Now a days the charminar colouring newly for more construction.near tourist places in hyderabad.

Story Of Charminar  

As we suggested by its name charminar does have four pillars one of each side.This impressive structure stand calmly amil the bustle of laad bazaar of the old city and it is maintained by the archeological survey of india,charminar is represented of the historical background of the city.It is glamour glory and cultural richness.Since it is constucted in 1951 by the mohammed quil qutub shah of shah dynasty charminar has been capacity every visitor with it’s architectural beauty as well as religous and historical.The construction of the new city was started with the charminar.Also there are several theories as to why the charminar was built.Charminar was constructed at the intersection of historical trade route and it is connected to the city of international market.In olden days the old city of hyderabad was designed with charminar as its centrepiece.The charminar constructed was ended in the year 1592 was estabilshed by Masud Hassian Khan.Actually the charminar was started in the year 1589.In the year 1591 Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah the rule of theb Qutub Shahi dynasty.The height of the charminar is appromately 48.7 meters high amd also the estimated that the total weight of this monument is 14000 tons.Charminar is one of the greatest moment in inida that has the beautiful history.It is built by the granite and lime motoar.By the visitor can enjoy a short climb of the 149 to get their,the mosque is located on the top floor.The charminar is located at the centre of the old city and it is 426 years old.Not just charminar minarets unlike the taj mahai are attached to the superstructure.On the other hand refer to a narration by a french travellimg from the 17 century to the commemorcution of the beginning of islams second millenmium years 1000 ah as the reason for the construction of charminar.

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What is the besting to visit charminar

Charminar visit hour of a day are between 9:30 am  to 5:30 pm

How to  reach charminar

Charminar is nearest to the metro station presenyly ther is no metro station forn the charminar nearest place.As soon as the green line metro will be roll outa roof of connecting the charminar and also other parts of the city.

what are the nearest bus stop to the charminar 

The charminar bus stop is nearest to the makkah masjid on the road if the charminar road in the panch mohalla.It is the near bus stop to charminar and it is having about 800 meters away,and the timr to reache the charminar is approxmately 10 to 12 miniutes walk to reache the place.So many plenty of andhra pradesh state bus are travelling along the side of the charminar.

What are the nearest railway stations to the charmianr 

The nearest railway station to charminar is nampally railway station it is also know as the hyderabad decan railway station.It is about 4 km os the closest railway station to the charminar,and also trains running from the hyderabad decan or nampally to lingampally.It is great way to around to other places in the city.near tourist places in hyderabad.

What are resturant  near to the  charminar

A few resturant near to the charminar are mina grand,hotel rajadhani,hotel haveli,tara international.This are the most popular resturtant ansd also it has very good quality,having good taste.


Hyderabad is famous for it’s charming minarets charminar.It is the best way relif mind with a happy face.the econmy of the nation gets boosted as is genratws revenue.More over local people find work and jobs related to the old historical building.By visiting the tourist places we can know the history of the tourist place.

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