lumbini park


Lumbini aprk

Lumbini park was officially know as anjaiah lumbini park.It is a small public urban park.The area was nearly around 3 acres. IT was located near adjacent of hussion sagar in hyderabad,india.The park was located in the centre of the park and it is in close proximity to the other townplace locateed near by it lite,necklace road and birla mandir.Also it attracts many visitors throught out the year.Buddha idol is also present in the middle of the tank bund.Also boatibg is also a best port for the pepople who want to visit the buddha idol.The lumbini park was consturcted in the year 1994.In 2006 anjaiah made it when he become the farmer cheif minister of A P and these bumb bules were occured at the evening time in the laser auditiorium where 500 people were present in that time when the incident occured.The metel deteitswere fixed in it after the bumb blast occured and also for the visiton to visit the l.m.|”park.

Emotion media manufacturing past introduction in india to begin with fublous water maltimedia which appear in l.p.The maltimedia which apperar plays byto day to a huge group of on lopkess the estabilshment combines a full range of media components.
From antoshing loser movement live video,dazzlng sound quailty.Cadenced mdodic well spring to un common bar impact,all amazing depicted on one of the biggest water screen in india.The components coalese to remade stories of verificableveiw point of hyderabad past,show and future,captivating thousand of veritable each night night also many shooting were also shoooted in this place.Nearly 235 millions rupes reuqried for the construction of l.p.park in 1994 in 2000 the buddha punima project authority was established mainly to maintain the most specified torism places in hyderabad.

What is the timimng to visit the l.m.park

You can visit 9:00 am to 9:pm in this time period you can visit ata any time

How to reach lumbini park

You can visit the lumbini park by metro station it is 1 km awyas from the park khairthabad metro station by metro map red line u can travel.From the hyderabad also u can visit the park it is nearly 6.6 km.

What is the ticket price of lumbini park

For the one person charges 10 for 3 hours

What are the near resturant to lumbini park

mamu,hotel surya grand adarsh veg tiffin,lazezz kahaan,anngar this are the famous resturant near to the lumbini park.Also it is having good taste and good quailty of food.

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