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Birla mandir in hyderabad is dedicated to lord venkateshwar of tirumala tirupati temple.It is said that a whopping quailty of white marble.It is the weight of 2000 tonnes,these was brought from the rajasthan for building this temple.It is located on the top of the hill of 280 feet and it is also know as the naubbat pahad.Birla mandir temple is one of the top 10 tourist places to visit in hyderbad and also there was an various birla mandir temple which have been built all over the india.It have been constructed by the industrialists birlas.The idol of the main diety,lord venkateshwara is a replica of balaji of tirupati and also statue has been curved out of granite stone.

Story Of Birla Mandir  

Birla mandir is a popular hindu temple in hyderbad and it was built on a 280 feets high.It is having 13-acre of land.The birla mandir was constructed with nearly 2000 tonnes of white marblesnear .The temple was constructed by the swami ranganathananda of ramakrishna mission in the year 1976.It is the temple was constructed by birla mandir foundation,which has also constructed several similar temples across india.The birla mandir temple was main feets a bend of pravidian rajasthan and utkala architecuture.The birla mandir temple was does not have traditional bells,and also the swami ranganathananda wished that the temple atmosphere shoulds be conducive for meditation.

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The temple is dedicated to the lord vishnu and it present in the form of sri venkateswara.In the evening the birla mandir present a spectacular sidht upon iliumination and also a trip to the hyuderabad is considered incomplete without birla mandir by tourist for the last three decades.The idol of the most supernatural being,lord venkateshwara may be a duplicate of balaji of tiropati.There was also are shines of different hindus deities like padmavati and andal.A temple of buddha is additionally situated with in the temple complicated.

The read of the town from the temple is value all the effort and also it overlooks the water of hussain sagar lake and provides a posistion of the dual cicties of hyderbad and secundrabad.It is the most peace full place when compare to the other places.

Transport faciliities

Birla temple can easily acces from the city of hyderbad and it is only about 1 km from the hyderbad railway station,6 km from the hyderbad bus terminal and 7 km from the begumpet airport.They are so many bus to travel for the birla mandir.The transport facilities are very neat to the templeand also you can travel to the other tourist places of hyderbad.

Scheduling Of Birla Mandir

Birla madir visit hours of a day are between 9:30 am to 9:00 pm u can visit any time for the temple.In sunday also the temple will be open all days are opening the birla mandir temple.

Nearest Resaturant 

Their are so many resturant near to the birla mandir they are sukha sagar pure vegetraion,hotel kamat,new green bawaarchi,hotel surya,astoria resturant thes are the famous resturant near to the birla mandir and also it has very good quailty and having very good taste.


Birla mandir is the most beautiful places to relax and also it is a beautiful of tourist place we can know the history of places.We can happy to lead the life and the birla mandir temple is decated to the most beautiful places to visit.

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